my name is Amaia, I'm mother of a child and I'm teacher at an institute. I live in the Basque Country.

Since I was a child I have enjoyed a lot with any kind of crafts. Above all I have painted with different materials (thought I have still pending watercolors).

When I got pregnant I knew that I want to make myself an album for my baby, but I didn't know how to get the materials I need. Looking on internet I discover that what I wanted to do was very similar to somethig called scrapbooking. And with it came the art journaling and card making.

And here I am enjoying my free time, and learning (or trying to) techniques from a lot of artist (because they are) I've discovered on the web.

Some years ago I used to paint Magic the Gathering cards alterations, I liked it very much so it's possible that I paint some more when I find time for it. You can see my alterations here.

I expect you enjoy it!

Oh! I forgot mentioning that I know I need photography classes!!! And sure some english classes too!!

P.S. I'm happy with the decision of writing in English. It takes me a long time to write each post, I’m sure that they are mistakes, but I’m remembering what I learned once.

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